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1000 shaves with just one honing


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So, what you think about down state (from Wacker FAQ):

"Kann ich das Rasiermesser sofort benutzen?
Wie lange hält ein Rasiermesser?
Alle Wacker Rasiermesser sind bei Auslieferungszustand rasurfertig. Trotzdem
sollte das Rasiermesser vor jeder Rasur geledert werden.
Die Lebensdauer eines Rasiermessers beträgt bei ordentlicher Behandlung
zwei bis drei Generationen. Die Schärfe hält ungefähr 1000 Rasuren, dann
sollte das Rasiermesser erneut auf dem Stein abgezogen werden. Danach
hält es wieder 1000 Rasuren usw.
Häufiges abziehen auf dem Stein veringert die Lebensdauer beträchtlich."

Link (3rd question and answer):
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The best I have haerd of was 700-800 shaves with stropping only. It was done with an Iwasaki by a japanese barber if its true. But what about a normal straight user, and a normal razor? I doubt anyone could go more than 20-100 comfortable shaves with one honing, only with stropping on clean leather and linen. 1000 shaves with a straight is simply nonsense. Or at least I don't believe it until someone proves it can be done :)


I guess this certainly describes the preferences of the one writing this regarding his idea of a smooth shave than it does about the Wacker razors.

Besides, I hardly get past 10 shaves with a razor before I decide to resharpen prematurely out of pure pleasure :lol:


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I have heard these types of claims before on other forums.
I suppose for this to be the case the first thing is, the steel would have to be very hard in order to hold an edge. I would say mid 60 rockwell plus, trouble is razor edge stability is not good at best of times and generally hard steel tends to be brittle giving rise to chips, it depends on steel type and how optimal heat treat was, oh and this could be a sod to hone.
That said a slightly obtuse bevel angle can be quite stable say 18 - 19 degrees. I've experimented with these bevel angles and found shaves very kind and forgiving to face, but lacking slight closeness.

It's all a compromise at the end of the day, I suppose with good shaving technique and all other factors geared to this end, it may not be quite the falacy we believe.



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1000 shaves is....a lot..

But lets take a look at the history behind straight razor shaving:

1: It was`nt a hobby in the old heydays but a daily task.
2: A straight razor was a valuable tool and there were few alternatives.
3: A razor hone -and perhaps the odd few could afford a coticule- was a luxury.
4: The grand majority of people had their razor honed professionably.Razor in singularis,ya.
5: Shaving was not a pleasure.
6: You had to use your razor to the end,before rehoning.
7: Pasted strops...Very often used and some pastes were able to refresh the edge.

Etc. etc.
Personnaly I do believe we often mistake our hobby with "some old time happy days"
I`m sure it were´nt as it most likely were more painfull than pleasureable ;-)

Back to topic : 1000 shaves.....hurtfull but perhaps manageable.


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Mates this wacker is mine. Is near wedge and to day i re hone it giving an HHT 5 after stropping.
I plan to shave every day with this one until the edge to lose the sharpness that can give a painless shave watching from time to time the HTT and sharing the in formations just to break down the myth,because personally i believe that neither razor can give more than 100 shaves without any refresh.
Best regards


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Wacker or not, it's nonsense. It's my experience that people who use a pasted strop, can shave 6 months to a full year with the same razor before it needs a bevel reset on a sharpening stone. That concerns people who are experienced with this method. I started out with one razor and a pasted strop myself, and I could hardly manage two months.

Kind regards,


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1000 shaves? I cant say one way or the other... but perhaps it depends on what you are cutting.

Variety is the spice of life they say... So we all have different beards.
Some with softly whiskers, few and far between... others of woolen feel, will shame the best of sharpened steel.


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Some stuff I've read over the years.
Human hair has similar mechanical properties to copper wire of similar diameter? Don't know if this is true it would certainly vary I would think.
Slicing strokes are better for edge stability than against the edge strokes. Some good research done on this, fine grain high carbons seem to be better for this aspect.
As we know even with good scything technique there will be some lateral forces on the edge, unavoidale when shaving.
Hardness and chipping isn't the only thing to be the cause of a re hone. Sub optimal heat treat can give hard and serviceable edges but even small amounts of pearlite or worse retained austenite(which is soft) have different wear rates to tempered martensite. Over time at these scales edges become toothy. No problem just re hone the edge. In a perfect world a complete tempered martensite structure would be the ideal in terms of wear and cryo treatment is mandatory on high carbons to deal with RA aspect.
The Jury is out for me I'm afraid, but would like to see the experiments done under optimal conditions. I understand Tim Zowada leaves nothing to chance with his heat treatment quality controls, but I suspect that even Tim's razors require honing from time to time??


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Well I am not buying it, 1000 shaves is just about 3 years with a day off here and there, I cant see that myself, despite what Wacker is telling its potential customers

Maybe they meant 1000 shaves with touch ups on stone, before a complete rehone is needed, that would seem to be a little nearer believable to me?

Heres what google made of the German, and the way I understand it in the Brackets

Can I use the razor away? (Straight away, i.e. is it shave ready)
How long does a razor? (last, what is the lifespan of a razor)
All Wacker razors are shave ready condition when delivered. nevertheless
the razor should be geledert (Stropped) before each shave.
The life of a razor is for ordinary treatment
two to three generations.
The sharpness holds about 1000 shaves, then (one) should sharpen the razor again on the stone. after
holding it again in 1000 shaves, etc.(rehone every 1000 shaves or so)
Remove common on the stone the life considerably veringert (the more often you touch up, the longer the edge will last before a full rehone is needed)

Ralfson (Dr)


Here's my translation into English:

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P.S. There have been discussions on this in German shave forums as well... In the end it probably depends on your beard and your expectations for a good shave :rolleyes: :D ...


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jollo74 said:
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Thanks Jörg

I take the paragraph:All Wacker razors are in shave ready condition as supplied to the customer.
That's bull shit. The mine received with a HHT 0-1 after stropping.
As true is this so true is that a wacker lasts for 1000 shaves.
Best regards