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2022 in numbers


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As everyone keeps asking... :rolleyes:
The brush I used 100% of the time last year:


My unique, handmade 31mm Jayaruh #305. Lush !!!

And after googling 'org mode': Good grief! Emacs is even bloatier than I remembered!
Emacs: Enough Memory And Constantly Swapping
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You were next, I was actually going to ask about the Brush in the same message (lost the Quote).
What's wrong with you? Look, I have Emacs on a Thinkpad X60 tablet with Linux void (3 gig RAM). Very small memory footprint because I don't use GUI. 117 MB. With four tabs in Firefox not even half a MB.
I am currently using an Imac right now as @efsk can tell if he checks the server logs.