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I tryed setting bevel with dmt1200 then i did 100 plus laps on water with coticule . The razor hopped around when i tryed shaving not shave able.

Reason i tryed this is an old barber told me he set the bevl on coarser stone then they finished on coticule with lather to smooth and polish. Thats how they were taught and he still hones like that today.

I'm going to try with my 4k norton then hit coticule with water and see what happens.

Bart have you tryed this with say your 5k chorsa. I guess the dmt was a little to much for coti with water to deal with. i will try and report back.
I just honed on 4k basicly set the edge with 4k. It took just 30 laps with my coticule(water) to replace 4k hone marks i did 100 laps and stropped. I passed the HHT on a 4, Even though it did'nt seem to pass in the same way as i would of dilucot method coti only. I'm sure it will shave but how smooth i don't no. i'm just playing around with my hones now but my razors will always be honed a coticule using dilucot method that is for sure.I may have to say good by to my nortons as i don't think they will get used in the future.
A Coticule with water will quickly remove any sawtooth pattern at the very edge, left by the previous hone. Such a sawtooth pattern is very present after the DMT-1200, and it even makes that edge perform quite well, albeit extremely harsh. When the teeth are gone the keenness falls back to the level between the teeth. That's why a Coticule/water finished edge off a DMT-1200 does not shave well. I've done a blind experiment with 3 different Coticules on that one and came to the same conclusion as you did.

I haven't tried it with a Norton4K, but I expect the same issue, although at a less severe state, because the 4K has more "true" keenness (as opposed to sawtooth sharpness) to offer.

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I've now honed a grand total of two razors :rolleyes: where I set the bevel on a DMT 1200 and then went directly to a coticule.

I didn't go straight to water, though, but went to the coti with a heavy slurry using the Unicot method. The resulting edges were great.

I've also been able to go directly from a DMT 1200 to a Nakayama Asagi with heavy slurry - then a lighter slurry for the honing of the edge.

In each case the edges have been sharp and smooth.

I don't believe the 4k is really necessary as an in-between step my limited experience, of course.
The usaul method would be dmt 1200 then 4k then 8k finished with coti water. that always been a popular and consistant way of honing.

your quite right you can go from dmt1200 even 600 to unicot or dilucot method it works perfect .

I'm just trying short cuts to see if they also work.
You're absolutely right about the usual progression - like you, I've been experimenting with using fewer stones in my honing sequence.

I usually do the DMT 1200, then DMT 8000 (no 4000 step) and then go to my 'finishing' hones. However, I've been trying to get the 8000 out of my honing sequence.

I'm a hobbyist, so I only hone about 1 razor a week (and sometimes not even that), so time on the hone is not an issue. My only concern using these heavy slurries is the amount of wear on the stone. Still, I think my hones are likely to outlast me anyway.
Like bart said if you carn't set the bevel on coti after 15 min then just drop back to dmt then go back to slurry. i noticed with a lot of use on my coti with slurry it soon becomes lob sided a little and i mean a little. They will last you for years by then you will fancy trying another coti.