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A bit of an off colored stone I can't quite identify- any help would be appreciated


New Member
There are three stones in the picture the top one is a La Dressante, the one to the right is a light creamy yellow, but the middle one is a grayer color and has a natural grainy texture to it. Any idea what layer it is? I took the photo on white paper. Thanks. [img=800]2[/img]


Well-Known Member
Hi Richard,

I made a little edit to your post to show up the picture in full width (I added the correct pixel width after the first IMG tag).

My best bet is La Grise, but to be sure I would need to see a well-focussed picture of the narrow side(s). It's not green enough to be a La Verte.

Kind regards,


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You could make a picture when the stone is wet. My La Verte had the same color, but after a bit of water it was more green than grey.