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A Couple New Brushes


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Time to attempt another post via phone.
I just wanted to post Chris' brushes before I send them away.
I have been sitting on this project for quite a while. So long in fact that I can't remember if these are TGN knots or if they are from my new knotter.The first picture was the original design, which we decided to change.


I then rechucked the pink and turned it to match the purple.


Right after I snapped the pic, the handle flew off the lathe and chipped the heck out of the bottom.


Then after throwing a fit and a fair bit of cussing I settled and decided that I would just finish it. If Chris approved it would be his, if not I at least learned something.


So, what did I learn? Even after years of experience, thousands of hours turning and hundreds of items turned; I will still get frustrated and when I get frustrated it is best to walk away, the lathe will be there tomorrow.This has been a lesson that I will need pounded in my hard head as I never seem to get it.BTW Chris isn't that weird, they're for his daughters.


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bwahaha... :D ! You could at least edit that to include the fact that that those pretty pink and purple brushes aren't actually for me... you're gonna ruin my reputation around here!
On my own behalf, I'd like to mention that those are two custom brushed I'd ordered for my two teenage daughters, who have a greater appreciation for things pink than I... :blush: Not that there's anything wrong with pink, or purple, mind you...

thanks Gerrit....

Seriously, thanks Gerrit, they did turn out great.:)
Both the girls have given their approval, which is no small feat.


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Oh crud. No offence, folks, but the moment I saw those I thought „Why the hell would somebody chop a piece of a dildo and stick a brush into it?“ :lol: :lol: :lol:

still respectful regards,


Now that you mention it, Matt...



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Gentlemen, not only sexual recreation toys are made of fluorescent pinks and purples etc.

Being father to a daughter myself, I know for a fact that you can give them anything, as long as it's in shades of pink.

Or, not pink = not acceptable.


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:D :D

Gerrit and Chris,

It is great craftsmanship.

But, in all respect, they are so buttugly that it is hilarious. :D

De gustibus et coloribus non disputandem est, of course.
Chris' girls loving them, that's the important factor. I figure the girls are old enough to enjoy these.:rolleyes:

Kind regards,


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Well, this is the single most tasteless serious of posting I've seen on any of the forums, besides 4Chan.

The fact that "Butt-plug" and "dildo" are the first thing to come to mind tells me more about some people than I'm comfortable knowing.

Not only is this thread horrifically insulting to Gerrit's excellent craftsmanship, and and insult to my good nature, but you might want to keep in mind the fact the two girls for whom this gift was intended are 13 and 15 years old, which makes this particularly disgusting.
Thanks guys, really classy.


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Oh dear. I saw this last night, and the first thing I thought of was what Matt did. Then I saw that Chris said that they were for his daughters, and I didn't have the heart to say anything. On the other hand, look what Rooney has done:
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Oh Chris, come on, please! Don't tell me you really took offence, like you've been here for the first time? ;) I know the thing may be considered delicate, but why not have a few chuckles along with it?

Gerrit, rest assured I definitely appreciate your skill and craftsmanship. :thumbup:

Now, seriously. What are those intended for, I mean - will it be some face powder applications, or what? Are those some different knots, or the same we use for shaving?

truly best regards,


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Sorry, Chris.

You have every right to be upset - sometimes people (certainly includes me) don't quite fully appreciate the context.

My joke may, or may not, have been that bad, but I have removed it formally to show respect to your human, fatherly, protective instincts.


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My wife uses a brush and shave soap to shave her legs. I'm guessing that's what they would use it for too.

My wife absolutely loves that routine.


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I'm not going to get too much into a debate about humor, and what is appropriate to laugh with and what not.
What I do know however, is that no one who laughed with these handles had any intent of hurting Chris, Chris' family, or Gerrit's feelings. This is a guys-amongst-each-other kind of forum. Fun can be poked on occasion, and I urge anyone to take it always in the most positive sense.

Humor aside, if you choose to show something on the forum, expect to receive members' honest opinions and spontaneous reactions. Apparently these brush handles make a lot of people think about sex toys. That indeed tells nothing about the man who made them, the guy who ordered them, or the people they were intended for. It also says nothing about the skill it took to made these handles.

None of what I wrote had any intent of hurting someone's feelings, but I can see that the humorous tone of my previous post has offended Chris. For that, I sincerely apologize.



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I sell products to Neuro/Orthopedic Spine surgeons, as some of you know, and one of our systems comes with instruments that look just like Woody must have made 'em (a la Robin's picture). In fact, when I first opened the set in a case, the medical professionals (all of them) said they looked like sex toys. One of the doctors even asked my associate if he took the time to get the "mud" off prior to sterilization. Then, the Mormon chick, competitive rep, in the room said "Oh my, they named the cage the 'bullet'?" :lol:

Even to good people, some things just look like sex toys :p


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I would certainly not want to hurt anyones feeling. Take the names of our friends and family out and this is some funny stuff. Please no one take offense. I personally needed a good laugh and I hadn't laughed that hard in over a year.