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A little something.


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Though I feel almost embarresed to show this tiny razor after the work being presented here lately,I`ll do it anyway:)

Razor: Joseph Allen & Sons NON XXL Sheffield England.
Wood: translation danish it`s "Guldregn" Guld= Gold, Regn= Rain
So it`s a golden shower ;-) or a shower of gold...
Wedge: Celloid
Finish: Linnen seed oil...loads and loads and a lot of rubbing.

This wood has been dried for a year and some before that. It was a present from my wifes oldest son. Though it really was too tiny for a set of scales,I decided to try it anyway. And Ralfy..If you thought the Leopard wood was should have seen this one;-)





This looks great. Nothing wrong with the finish, except I would have added some turpentine. Next time try this:

Make a small mixture of linseed oil and turpentine 50/50. With a soft rag start rubbing in coats. Let each coat dry before the next. After 3 or 4 coats, you can start to sand it and apply more coats. At some point, finish sanding to 2k and see what it looks like. If you are satisfied that all the pores are filled and the wood is smooth, apply a good furniture wax and buff out.

Keep at it. Package on its way!

I sure did add told me to!:thumbup:

Actually I think everything was done right this time,at least regarding the finish..hmmm

Guess it had a least 15 layers of oil and sanding in between. Now it has dried for 24 hours and it still screams for more oil? Untill now the finish was glossy and sparkling but it is turning rather dull by now. So it`s been rubbed once again.

Ohhh darn...didnt wax it!!! Thats why...

Thanks Ray
Ohh Bart .. You do seem to have a huge knowledge regarding certain fluids ;-)

torbenbp said:
Ohh Bart .. You do seem to have a huge knowledge regarding certain fluids ;-)


Hey! Don't piss on the pianist.
First it was Cedrick posting a book with information about soaking strops in urine.
And I didn't pick your wood, nor wrote the Urban Dictionary. :D

Where are those waxed pictures?
Kind regards,
By the way:

Be very careful with Labarnum (Goldenrain Tree). All parts of the plant are highly poisonous, including sanding dust.
Cant believe I missed this until now!!

Can you guess that I like it???

A very cool little razor, well done by a very cool friend of mine "Torbs" hahaha its sticking buddy its

And if we are talking urban dictionary, check this defination out by someone who's name you MAY recognise, hahahaha

My kindest regards
Torbs Friend
Ralfson (Dr)
wax on...wax off...wax on...wax off.

Sir Bart..still no pics as the wax used did`nt work very well. Actually it got worse.
So got to get another type and try again...

Wax on..wax off...wax....

Absolutely fabulous.
I love it.

Do us all a favor and build a small light box for your camera. It 'll make the same razor look twice as nice. And it already looks mighty fine right now.:thumbup:

And, please loose the kidney stone you had between the tang and scales on the other pictures. Yikes:scared:

Thank you for posting, Torben. Much appreciated.

Thanks Bart..have been thinking about a light box.

Kidney stone..haha :p actually its amber but that doesnt make it prettier!

Simply looking at the scales I'd say they're to narrow for my taste, I like to see a woman's waist, and so is the case with scales. :lol:

But here the'ye very nicely fitted to this particular blade - looking good. And the wood! So simple, so elegant. Golden rain did amazing work! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Stellar job on those scales Tubs... seems you're getting better at shaping scales my friend.:thumbup:
I think the size and shape of the scales match that petite blade very well. Interesting pin job... looks like vintage.

How does she shave?

Due to the size of the wood,it was impossible to make it larger. It was a tiny little slab and every mm was used:D


She shaves wonderfully,one of my top three razors. And I like the petite size off it ;)