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A magic oil



Dears i would like to tranfer my experians concerning a magic oil as preshave oil.
This is just a laurel oil.first you have to wash your face with a quality soap and then when the fsce stil wet ,should be applied a small quantity of laurent oil preparing the lather and stroping your edge ,the oil as a film keeps your beard wet because the water under the oil film
stays un-evaporated.Dont use another oil for this application .Laurent oil is the best to keep the face without irritation ,soft,cool and fresh. Try it and let me know.However is cheap.
Compatriot Bart:J' espere que tu n'es pas enterre dans la neige.
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Thanks for posting your suggestion. This is not quite the same as what they call "pre-shave oil", is it?

I have moved your thread to a more fitting section of the Cafeteria.

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PS. Non, beaucoup de neige en Ardennes maintenant, mais en Flandre il n'y a que quelques cm.


It serves the same purpose, being made of olive oil with laurel stuff (traditional pre shave oils use added castor oil instead). I expect it to bring all the other advantages of pre shave oils to the table, too: greasy brushes and a smear in the basin. Got to love that stuff. I think I have some AoS pre shave oils left somewhere. I really should give them away before they turn rancid.



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laurel oil, is it the oil extracted from the laurel berry ?
In France it is not very easy to find that kind of oil but the essential oil (extracted from he leaves) is more common.
I too think this oil has great benefit for the skin (it is the major ingredient of alepo soap) but I haven't found any benefit of pre shave oil till now




chti_lolo said:
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Thats correct Laurent is the oil extracted from the laurel berry .It is nothing to do with
the commercial pre shave oils.It never turns rancid the brushes are not greasyand not smear in the basin as Robin confirms because an oil which mixed with a soap like lather is not more oil.

Essayez-le et vous trouverez une grande difference.


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Ouch!... pardon me... I was about to move this thread to the Marketplace. :-/
... carry on.