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A meeting with an old friend


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This Saturday I had a chance to see my friend, whom I met when we were something like 12. We were in the same class in primary school, then we also attended to the same secondary school, then we went to different universities and our ways separated for another 10 years. Recently, thanks to the miracle of internet, we managed to set up a meeting at a Go tournament (together with his 4,5 years old daughter) - I used to play regularly, and I still consider myself a Go player, although on a hiatus for some time. He graduated in arts and apparently we share many interests, including aforementioned Go, stuff like design, photography and so on. When he found out about my way of shaving and I introduced him to virtues of a classic shave, he got quite interested - both being a man who appreciates craft and more traditional approach, and also being a usual case of a man who reaches for a cartridge with a despise, when he has to meet a client or other situation when a groomed looks counts.

So after we left the tournament, we went to my place, had a little chat, introduced my killer crew of three cats to Mary (the daughter) and of course - we grabbed the razors in our hands. I gave him a quick demo of stropping, what should lathering look like, blade angles, finally I shaved myself quickly - and then it was his turn. Quite ambitiously, he went for a full shave, of course had troubles with dealing with the left side of the face, but he managed to do a full pass (with few nicks, two or three, IIRC). Great day, all in all.

When we were chatting today he testified that his skin is back to normal, and he has zero acne, something he has never experienced using cartridges. And, since I promised to lend him a freshly honed blade, he was in a real doubt whether to shave with a cartridge, or wait until I have a razor for him. :D

All glory to the
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, err, coticule! :lol:

best regards,


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This is a wonderful story Matt.:thumbup:
Sometimes I wish my friends (the few i have) would take up the art, most are too scared... but I'm working on them.


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Ah, Missionary Tales, love them. I convinced a friend of mine to try straight razor shaving. Unfortunately he lost heart pretty soon after he cut himself. :(

These days I try the indirect road and try to get people into DE shaving which is less of a jump from cartridges. Who knows, one of them may get interested in the real thing !


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Wonderful stuff indeed Matt :thumbup: I too often suggest a straight razor when I see friends with problems after shaving, however as said most are scared, and there is a lot to take on board for one starting out, I have since changed tack a little and now suggest a DE too.

Oh and Matt....SHITCA....SHITCA.....SHITCA! hahaha

Ralfson (Dr)