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A Miami Meet


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I would like to share a small meet up in Miami from this past Sunday. Our friend and fellow member Hogrider invited me to his home for a bit of razor talk and of course honing. It was wonderful finally meeting Hog. It was wonderful sitting outside enjoying the balmy afternoon and before we knew we had spent 3 hours honing and talking razors. Hog used my DMT8C to set the bevel on a couple of his razors, with tape of course due to the aggressiveness of the hone. He then moved to his Naniwas and finished on his wonderful Coticule bout. I used my Coticule (#56 from the Vault) on 2 razors, one of them I continued to do Dilucot and the other I did the Unicot. I then used Hog's wonderful bout and did a Dilucot on a 3rd razor. That was tested this morning and I must say the shave was Excellent!! I have now changed all but 1 razor to the Coticule.

After honing it was time for burgers and fine beer. My compliments to chef Hog!

I would like to thank Hog and his lovely wife Maria for the hospitality and for a wonderful afternoon.

Here is a photo of Hog setting a bevel on the DMT.


The 3 Coticules,


An Hog finishing 1 of his beautiful razors on his bout.


Can't wait for the next meet!



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It's always nice when you can share a hobby and make friends in the process. :thumbup:

Thanks for posting,



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Very cool! I really need to find someone in my area who shares this obsession (ooops hobby). Most of my friends know I shave with straights, but don't know much more than that. I'm known as the guy with crazy looking watches and old cut throat razors lol


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Simply put: awesome stuff

So glad you two did this, and shared it too


Ralfson (Dr)


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Thank you all,

It was wonderful to finally meet Hog and be able to spend a great afternoon with our razors!



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Hello Guys,

I just wanted to ad a couple of pictures that Hog sent me from our meet. The first is of both of us working on razors. Hog using his Naniwas and me trying again with Dilucot. This was before I had full success.


The second is me still working on Dilucot.


Best Regards,