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A new synthetic shaving brush, what to choose?


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Gentlemen, I am longing for a replacement of my Razorock synthetic brush. For traveling this kind of brush is a preference of most of us. But I dislike this Razorock. I have had a Tuxedo and a Muhle synthetic as well and let them go.

My reasons:
Fibres have a tendency to spring. With that the foam is found everywhere
Not enough backbone. Normally I prefer 2- band badgers
Too chemical

I read that Shavemac and Simpson make synthetic brushes as well with good reviews. interesting but before ordering I would like to hear some experiences. Are they any better than all the Chinese brushes?. Does the performance comes in the neighbourhood of badger brushes? Springing? Backbone?

Or can I juist better buy a badger travel brush?
Badger travel brush, simpson chubby synt is closest but still ...
Put a Badger 2-Band in your Washbag. Never change a running system.;)

The only synthetic brush I kept is my Mühle STF 23mm and I take it also for short travel but make the lather in a silicon folding bowl. That works also with springing fibers. However, I prefer 2-Band Badger and a 22mm Frank shaving fore traveling more.
I've tried the Shavemac synths, and was very impressed by them. Great latherers, great feel, really nice, however they are springy, so indeed: lather all over the place.
Previously tried the Whipped Dog, nice, Plisson L'Occitane, no backbone at all.
For travel, I have gone with my lowly Omega S-brush. Very cheap so I don't worry about losing it, but it has a very long loft and the synthetic bristles have a lot of backbone and so it lathers easily and is small enough to fit in a spent pills tube and because it is synthetic, it will dry overnight.