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A short introduction...


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Hello everyone.

My name is Morten, and I'm 26 years old.
I started shaving with a DE a year ago, and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I will never use a cartridge razor again!

But, like so many others before me, the straight razor itch has been evident for months now... during the summer I caved in and bought strops and some razors, a few is shave ready, others are in need of restoration...

And now it's time to buy the hones to really get things going! Having read ton of threads on synthetic stones as well as coticules (not so much Jnats as I feel the prices are too high... I'm a student with no job if you were wondering :-/ ) I have come to the conclusion that a DMT 600/1200 bevel-setter and a coti will be my first step into HAD... ;)

I hope to learn a great deal from the many experienced gentlemen on the forum!

Thanks for having me,
- Morten


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mollzo-dk said:
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You're most welcome.

However, you can go by without any disorders, with just the setup you mentioned and patience... this may be your last step. :thumbup:



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Hello Morten and welcome to :thumbup:

I am sure that you will find all the help you could ever wish for, on your straight razor journey here, the combination stone and Coticule are all I have ever needed myself :)

Please be sure to use the search feature and check out our FAQ section

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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Welcome Morten!

I second Matt. No need for acquisition disorders on :) The DMT / Coticule tandem has been my choice of hens for years. I eventually replaced the DMT for another natural stone.

Kind regards,


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Hi Morten, welcome.
I just wanted to let you know there's cheaper alternatives for DMTs ie unbranded diamond hones.
They come up on ebay from time to time.


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Thanks alot guys!

See, I'm already learning!! :)

@Bart: Which natural hones will take moderate chips and uneven honewear out of a straight razor Bart??

Are we talking BBW side? Or something completely different than Belgian stones?



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Hej Morten

Så er jeg ikke længere den eneste Dansker her!

Welcome from me too,great to have you here.

You can easily live without a DMT...wetpaper on a plain surface works quite well or some cheapo diamond plates from Lidl (they are on sale now and then,some 40-50,- Dkr. for a set of three).

And with some patience,you can set a bevel with a coticule.

Torbs (Torben)


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Hey Morten,

As everything has been pretty much said about various syndromes, I'll just confine myself to welcoming you heartily.

And by saying that I set bevels with my La Veinette coticule from scratch, i.e. no bevel. Maybe takes a bit longer than other coarser grits, but as I don't have any experience with this or any kind of other stone, I really don't care.

Serious chipping I take out with a 'coarse-slightly less coarse' sharpening stone of undetermined grit which I got locally for €4,50. It's not pretty, but neither are the edges exposed to them, and it does the job.

Although with Emmanuel's great offer to provide any takers with aforementioned 'Cretan hone' for an insanely attractive price, I'm considering getting one so I can spare my yellow coticule side as much as I can. Even though it's nearly one centimeter thick. I'm just considering trying out something else, I know I would manage very well without it.

Anyway, welcome, sorry for yapping on and on, may this place be a source of great info for you.