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A tour to Solingen to meet the guys who make us sing...


Dear members,

I made in December 2018 (so last year) a tour to Solingen. The goal was to meet as many of the straight razor and DE razor producers as possible, make some videos if allowed and get to know each other.

For a one-day tour the time was obvioulsy very limited. Nevertheless I was able to meet at least a few of them. All others will be met in the future. So I have a series of videos from different producers in Solingen in German, which I still have to translate one buy one.

The German versions are online already since last December on the FdR Youtube Channel, if you can not wait :D

The purpose of all this is to give you the possibility to learn more about this handcraft, to understand how much work it takes to produce a good quality staright razor and to have the amazing opportunity to meet world-famous people in this branch, like no other could do before. Like if you would have been with me there, looking over my shoulder.

Since all the translation and re-cutting of the videos takes a huge amount of time, it will take a while untill all videos are available in English. Please bear with me. Some videos have to be shortened significantly, because you can not catch the same atmosphere if you translate it and with only one voice, it sounds afetr a few minutes too boring.

I do this as a non-professional in my spare time. So there is no big production studio with assistents and several different voices available for professional video productions.

I hope you will enjoy it nevertheless.

Feel free to spread the link to the videos, subscribe to our Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, facebook channels, so that as much people as possible can see the videos. It is worth it.

I want to to say "thank you" for all companies who were so kind to meet me very spontaniously with my crazy time schedule to make all these videos possible.

Bear in mind, that they can not work when I am sitting there for 1-3 hours in their office and ask stupid questions :Eek

The series will start with Ralf Aust, then Johannes Wacker etc., each one in a separate thread over the next weeks/months and newer ones with other companies will come obviously too...teufel_lachend