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A very nice handplane altho a bit expensive.


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As most of you know I'm a carpenter and today is my birthday. A while ago I bought a Veritas block plane for my work and I mentioned to my girlfriend I could also do with a new block plane at home. When I opened my present this morning this is what I saw :D
(Our camera is broken so I got this picture from the web but mine is exactly the same)
It's the NX60 also made by Veritas and it's from their premium line. It's made from a nickel-resist ductile iron. It contains 20% nickel and 6% chromium wich makes it highly resistant to corrosion. It fits my hand perfectly and it has a nice weight to it. The machining it truly outstanding, everything fits together perfectly and the tolerances are very low. It's a bit expensive (245 euro's) but that's the kind of present you get when your girlfriend is an anesthesiologist :p


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John_Keats said:
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That's a beautiful, and actually priceless, gift.
A question from the hand planes aficionado within me: what's the blade angle on that plane? Even for a block plane, the angle looks amazingly low. Or does the picture fool me?

Happy Birthday!



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The blade is bedded at 12 degrees and the bevel on the blade is 25 degrees. That gives you a working angle of 37 degrees. I'm going to buy another blade wich I'm going to sharpen at 30 degrees for difficult woods with a lot of cross grain in it.

It's actually a heavy plane for it's size, 800 grams. The blade is also quite thick at 3,5 mm. The weight and blade thickness makes it cut wood without any effort.

My lady really knows how to pick a present :love: :thumbup:


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Wow! I don't know the first thing about wood planes. But I sure know beauty when I see it :love:

Happy birthday Indeed

Ralfson (Dr)


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Happy birthday .Indeed beautiful hand plane.Hereafter i post some of my finger planes just for knowledge.Those, regulated by the round nut are arched sole.All of them intended for musical instrument makers.



Best regards


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Happy Birthday, Kinematic! Lovely plane. You are a lucky man! Wish you many happy returns.


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Wow! That is gorgeous! It puts my Stanley block plane to shame!
You're a lucky fellow... you better hold onto that girl!

BTW: Happy Birthday!


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That plane has been on my wish list as well. I hope you enjoy it and her and treat her right. Plane porn is a weakness of mine as I was the last guy at my cabinet shop who used hand tools and most of the time I only got to look at my own.