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Adding a link to


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Hi Sir Bart, would you mind me adding a link to here on my SRP signature? I post on Max's SOTD threads most days and every now and then on other threads but not many tbh since joing here.
I figure it may help to spread the word?
Be my guest, Ralfy. But don't get yourself banned over it.:rolleyes:

I'm always thrilled if someone finds this place valuable enough to recommend to someone else.
But at the same time I'm not trying to start some kind of religion here. I don't care if 20 people worldwide or 20000 people use a Coticule. This place is just here to serve those who do. Of course, we can't serve if no one finds us...:)

Thanks Ralfy,
we should grab a beer together someday.

[sub][sub]Thank You[/sub][/sub] Sir Bart

You didnt get banned again did you? that would be a real Sham, oops I mean Shame.

And I would love to grab a bear, that would be way cool, err how is Belgium at letting people through there borders nowadays?
Contrary to popular belief, members don't get banned at random at SRP...

I've added a link to to my personal development playground (ie there is zero content you guys can actually see, but if you want a shaving related gallery, you can set up an account there - nothing else to be done, though): - if you have sites of your own, blogs, twitter tweets, whatever, it's certainly good to link to these sites, as that will increase its exposure more than links on other forums.

That said, a link like this might be really useful in your forum signatures elsewhere:

"Best practices and background information for honing with the famous Belgian Coticule Whetstone" - and let readers find the rest of the content on their own ;)

Hm. I think I'll post a few suggestions for stuff to be added to this site now... :p
tat2Ralfy said:
And I would love to grab a bear, that would be way cool, err how is Belgium at letting people through there borders nowadays?

You're one brave man. If they didn't let you in Ralfy I think I would understand why. :lol:
Hahahaha ok maybe a teddy bear hahahaha

And a few countries wont let me in for about the next 4 1/2 years :mad: its amazing how the little matter of a war, terror threat, and my minor firearms indiscretion (cough) effects things :p
Hahaha! That's awesome Ralfy.

It doesn't take much to get on the "Terrorist Watch List" here. It's laughable. Yet I wonder why we still have incidents like what's been going on lately. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...
If you're a EU citizen and you're not in some kind of legal trouble that prohibits you to travel abroad, you should have no problem traveling within EU.

Just don't bring weird stuff...