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Aida - a Japanese razor brand


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Aida was a Japanese DE razor brand which sold a number of different DE models, mainly cloned Gillettes based most often on the Tech.

The AIDA Open Style Razor however is a fascinating Aristocrat 4th generation clone. Made in Japan alledgedly in the early 1960s, material is nickel plated brass. Engraved back baseplate ‘Aida’, ‘Made in Japan’, and ‘Open style’ as well as engraved bottom of TTO knob with ‘Open’ and an arrow to show the direction to twist.

The visual similarities to a 4th generation Aristocrat are stunning. Even in hand and during the shave this razor feels exactly like it’s Gillette ‘twin’, the weight is the same, 72 grams vs 73 grams for the Aristocrat. It is built like a tank and delivers a perfectly smooth shave identical to the 4th generation Crat, supersmooth and efficient.

Here’s a few pics - including comparisons between the Aida and the original: The 4th gen British Aristocrat.

Show your other Aidas here, please coolp:):carrot1

E4D9E4B9-EB65-4777-AF93-BA86A195B0A8.jpeg 16A489FD-BFF0-4671-847D-EAC91BEFC70A.jpeg ACF0E432-894F-4C28-8F20-F2E6A6B07045.jpeg 574F236D-621F-46D4-B818-BB5B2FE6AB52.jpeg AC71B44B-8DED-4B45-80F7-018C67AE780C.jpeg 7592306A-1868-42DE-9B1C-7D3A6ACAB614.jpeg


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Interesting razor. I seen it posted before on other forums (maybe by you). Definitely a change as Japan in the old days was not into TTO razors much and many stuck to cloning the Gillette Techs, which they did a pretty good job of doing that. If only they made a clone of the Gen 1 Aristocrats. Of course if they did, I am sure you will be the one to find it. :daumenhoch


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haha, yes Les it was most probably my razor you saw... And you are so right, I have only seen a few other Japanese clones not built on a 3-piece Tech setup. Those I saw were Rocket Flare Tip clones.

And I also very much agree that the Japanese rip-offs are generally very well made. I have a few other vintage Japanese razors and they are all wonderfully built.

Now - as you say - a 1st gen Aristo clone - that would be fun!