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amount of laps per set


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i have found just latley while using new dilucot method.

15 laps per half stroke is normaly fine on most hollow ground razors. i was coming unstuck with blades a little thicker. so i started doing 20 to 30 laps on each half set. the reason i tryed this was i was'nt getting the hht of hone as it should be. Upping the laps on dilution and especialy as slurry becomes thinner i uped the laps to 25 to 30 on each half stroke , so infact i'm doing 50 aprox. It realy seems to of worked giving me much sharper smoother blade on my problem blades which seem to be harder to reach the max keeness.HHT is much better.

infact i did it on ralfys DA with is hone he sent me and it seemed to work well on that razor.

its worth a try and does'nt take that much longer. Note just make sure you keep an eye on slurry and keep a drop of water added to it . Also if i feel i added to much water i just work on that slurry for longer to gain the keenes , and when the slurry needs diluting i do so then .

i did this on my henkels razor and the sahve this morning was absalutley great. so nice that i would not add any thing else to this edge as i would'nt want to spoil it.
just stroped my ti la grelot up and there's no dout about the razor passes hht easily from half inch plus from holding point on finer hair. i no this razor will give a great shave if it does'nt then i will be gob smacked its the best result aprt from unicot i have had in two weeks of trying.Now i no all i needed was more laps to get there. so i was loosing keeness in dilution stages by moving on to soon. i actauly thought it was the razor and not me. now i no it was me and not the razor. thats what i love i'm always learning somthing new i got quite frustarted with this razor and nearly gave up on it. Infact i was going to ask sir bart to work is magic on the ti .
Thank you for posting this, Gary.

Interesting that you got better results with doing more strokes per side. Maybe you only needed to go trough the dilution sequence a bit slower, as I can't figure out why staying longer at the same side would offer a special advantage. I came up with the halfstrokes because they're faster and because we can get away on Coticules with doing considerably more than one stroke at one side, before flipping the blade. After some trials, I came to the conclusion that 20 or 30 strokes without turning the blade was not doing any harm. The big concern was that staying at one side too long, would eventually start to raise bur at the opposite side. Which it will, if we keep going at just one side for long enough. But 30, with the kind of pressure we use, does not show any sign of it. I never really tried how much more I could get away with, because it will probably depend on the Coticule and on the steel of the razor. And 30 seemed already more that I ever wanted to do without flipping the blade.

Every now and then, I get a bit to comfortable with Coticule honing. An opportunity that no Coticule will skip to put me with both feet at the ground, by sending me edges that frustratingly stay just below par. Every time, taking more time and paying attentions during the dilution stage, puts me back on track.

Kind regards,
I'd say i averaged 20 laps on a long coticule. Also at dilution stages added water when needed and not at every set unless i felt i needed to may be that was the differance. i used the right amount of pressure , and also towards the end stages used slightly less pressure as i do think i have been using a little to much pressure at times. may be i have diluted to much and my hone has lost the power to improve .
just shaved with the TI le grelot, and i was very impressed. the shave was smooth as butter .The best way i can describe this feeling is as if the blade was actaualy dull. there was no bite especialy going into the mustache area. i 'd say your right about slurry dilution i did real concentrate at each level of slurry. I actaualy somtimes on do 10 laps on each side of blade but i don't dilute untill the 3rd or forth set. I'm using one finger load of water and if needed two finger loads. Its a great result for me on this razor. i could easily of gave up and swithched to other hones..
any one in the same situation all i can say is yes you will get frustrated but stick with it and it will work. after two weeks i cracked it. one thing for sure i won't be redulling this razor agian a thew laps now and then on my la grosse jaun will surley keep this going for a long time
Great work, Gary.:thumbup: :thumbup:

Thanks for posting.

Did the double taping method work for you on the other (now forgings) TI?

yes it did . i honed on one layer added another layer for unicot. and it was well sharp. but me being me i had to prove to myself i could acheive a good edge with out tape.i will use this razor and check the edge for chipping ,if the edge does chip then i will defanatley use that method. infact i may hone my silver wing with that method ,so i have one with each method. yes it does work and is very easy to acheive a wicked sharp smooth edge, atg it did fly throught stubble.
Wonderful thread guys :thumbup:

And one that for shows just how important it is to understand the Dilucot method, know your stone, think about what you are doing, and use your skills to adapt to the edge your are working on, after all it is not like a pyramid honing by numbers system.

Myself I tend to find the obvious works, my Burton series is a little small, so I tend to use more laps say 20-30, and as I progress I tend to do a couple of sets between dilutions as well, I find this works better for me, and takes so little work that it only adds a few minutes to the job.

Also as said on the moving back after finishing on water, if the edge lacks a bit, I tend to do another set of half strokes on water, then 50-60 regular strokes, if that fails I will raise a light slurry and dilute through to water again, so in effect its a power touch up, I know the bevel is set spot on, and the edges lacks a little keenness, so it just makes sense to do it that way.

My best regards
Ralfson (Dr)
thats exactly how i do it. my burton is aprox 8" long which is handy size.also its quite light having no slate atached .So it easy hand held. i finish on my la grosse jaune as i find it leaves an extra mellow edge and also has anice draw which perks things up a little.

i love the hybrid side for its magnetic feel its very differant.
:lol: thats very cool, we should get together next time I can manage a Thursday off Gary.

I finish on my Le Petite Blanche for the same reason, its just soo mellow, having said that the Hybrid side of the Burton leaves a wicked smooth edge, and you know your doing easy 30 laps each set on that, its a slow one but a goodie.

Tonight I have a Gold Dollar to hone up, the factory edge has more chips than a Grit lorries tail and I am going to try my Vintage combo, the edge you put on the DA with it was outstanding as you know, at least as good if not better than I would expect from a top end razor say like a ..err I dunno $300 Puma or something? (Sorry Mate)

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)