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An unusual problem, commiseration desired.. ;)


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So I got the hone I paid for that CroMagnon has first dibs on, and it's cute.

Really more of an oversized combo nagura, cute is exactly the right word. That's not the problem. The problem is the OTHER rock. I've bought exactly three items off ebay lately, and this rock isn't any of them.

Someone in Oakdale New York sent me a boxed natural razor hone of some quality, type unknown to me but a GEM of a rock, fine grey brown 3x5, and I don't even need to make a slurry to know this ain't no slouch of a razor hone. It reeks of quality.

What in the astrological confluence of ****house luck has created this happenstance, I'm bemused to admit I've no clue. My karma hasn't been especially noteworthy in either direction, it's not PUNISHMENT for anything I can think of..

what in the heck am I supposed to do with an exceptionally attractive hone that just SHOWS UP in my mailbox?

Whoever did this has a wicked sense of humor.


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A; Send it to me, I will carry the Karma for it ;)
Or B; send the one Cromagnon wanted to him or me or send the odd one back to the sender, after you get the other 2 of course so you know some egay seller didnt fuck up in the mail room
But the best one I would go for is A: Bwhahaha


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I've no clue, literally, how it could have happened, other than someone likes me a lot. I was chastised for paying too much for the coticule by someone who wanted it but not bad enough.. *not* CroMagnon who'se been very kind about the whole thing.

And I volunteered for a pass-around test on a hone some months back, but surely it's not THIS rock, and if it is, I still can keep it, but just have to pay the guy. I told him don't send me a rock and expect me to part with it, if it's any good. Either SELL it to me, or keep it away from me. He agreed that was fair, as long as I'd write a review.

But surely it ain't this rock, this is a sweet razor hone that makes a milky slurry and has a FINE feel on a knife. I'm not the guy to say it's razor-worthy cause I'm ignorant, but on a small kitchen knife that was already shaving sharp, it took over and moved past that. FINE stone, and I sure don't see why it wouldn't be razor hone quality, and who the heck SENT it to me?

If it was a tester, I should've gotten an email or phone call first, for a heads up..


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Mystery solved. It's the passaround thing, and I got the wrong rock AND the right rock. The one from New York had been 'lost' for a couple months, so he passed it to me without warning to get the hot potato off his hands. The OTHER rock that I'd asked to evaluate/purchase showed up today (yesterday) and it's even moreso a fancy razor hone. Schweet rock..

Anyway, ya'll are more qualified than I am by a long shot, so I'm going to ask him about possible reviews of his new rocks. He calls 'em 'Covenant' hones, and they'll maybe be a replacement for Escher/Thuringians if they fulfill their expectations.

Sure need expert opinions and all I can tell 'em is whether I like it, cause I don't own any vintage Eschers... considering I lack credible comparison stones with which to show similarities or differences, I'm wanting others for some help with it.

If I can get him over here YOU can pick his brain, it's not often NEW hone stones turn up, and I don't even know enough to ask good questions.


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mitchshrader said:
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Are these the covenant stones from Tslil in Israel? He sent me one--he told me it was a middle stone, like a 3-4, and I haven't needed that kind of honing recently, so I haven't tested it.

Fine as an escher? Hmmm...


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I'm evaluating two different stones of the same type. One is considerably finer than the other, and I would compare to an Escher/Thuringian. It has a grit level I estimate approximately 7000-10000. It needs a good soak before making slurry, and still demands frequent dilution.

The other is equivalent a 5000? grit, perhaps 5-6000, and while not as fine produces edges that cut very well. It is more a general purpose and less a razor hone especially.

The range represented by these stones is similar to those expressed by vintage Escher/Thuringian and the basic composition of the stone is also very similar. My experience so far indicates they are worthy of exhaustive examination, and possibly investment.

update: I've been asked to return the larger hone for more testing, and left with the smaller. Considering that is more than I deserve or had expected, I'm a bit boggled. Must be some astrological confluence, getting stones for one of any number of reasons seems abnormally frequent lately.

and the holy grail rock arrived, and it is what i'd hoped.

And all the coticules are getting along fine with their new friends. ;)


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The stones are from Israel, 2 grits, roughly 5-6K, and 7-8K (before grit cleavage).. and similar in feel to japanese but perhaps slightly coarser than polishing hones. My interest is incorporating it into my orchestra, finding out how to get the most out of OTHER stones by using them in partnership with the new one.

I think these stones will be seen more often in future, given the supply is adequate but I havn't a clue how wide the range of variation is between types, and how many are seconds.

As more info is available I'll pass it on.
I found one site that sells these stones. But I'm not sure if these are the ones you are discussing here.

Can you tell me if so? I am considering buying it.