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Angle grinder?


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i have cut both metal and stone with a cirkular saw it may not be advisable but it works(most of the time)
It would give you a more stable movement and might be possible to get fitting blades for the job too

Using a carbide blade can generate a bit of heat when cutting hard rock, and when the blade burn it likes to get stuck(probably will eat a good chunk of usable stone)


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A tile saw then a band saw would probably be the best bet but then theres the price...
I suspect some of the problem with the angle grinder is the lack of stabilety

but im speculating now so we better wait till someone with some destructive experience chimes in


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I wouldn't use an angle grinder if I were you. Too much vibrations.
If you want an electric tool, a (water lubricated) diamond blade tile cutter I think is the best solution.
You can also do it manually with a hack saw.


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I agree with Decraew.
If you are spending money on the project, a cheap tile saw using a water cooled diamond blade would be your best bet. (mine was under $100, and has served well for all the tile jobs I've done as well, and I've cut my slurry stones with it) Barring that, a bit of elbow grease and a carbide blade in a hack-saw would do better. Those blades are available at most home improvement stores in the tile section.
The one i have is much like this one:
These are the other type of hack-saw blades, definately much cheaper than the wet-saw:
(I've seen them in a wider blade which would be better for cutting long, straight cuts than the rod style.)