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Another Guy from Belgium


Well-Known Member
Hi all,

My name is Guy and I live in Belgium, East Flanders. I am 49 years "old" and married to Nattaya(Thai love of my life).

Been wet shaving for about 5 years.
Lately i am using my Oneblades for 90% of my shaves. For the other 10% i am using SE's and shavettes. Still have some DE's but they don't get any attention ATM.

Most of the Dutch and Belgian new members here, i know from another forum, fb group.

I am a member in several UK shaving forums and FB groups. Signed out from most of the US groups and forums tho.

I am not posting a lot for the moment but will make an effort to post more ;-)

Have great shaves all.
Welkom Guy! Good to see some of the familiar names appear here.