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Another Question for Bart


Well-Known Member
Bart, I've never heard how you got started with all this coticule business. I remember reading posts of yours a few years back and seeing that you were having trouble honing like a lot of us are. My question is how/why did you get into coticules? Also, how did you get in touch with ardeneese? Did you just go over there and say "Hey, I like coticules and am starting a website!" I am interested to hear your story.
I believe it's his birthday today... errrr yesterday... so if he's still celebrating you will have a few days wait for a reply lolololol.

BTW Though it's a bit late but... Happy Birthday Bart!!!:thumbup:
Well thank you very much, friends.:)
Indeed I turned 41 yesterday. Not a very big deal, because I try to celebrate life every day.
But the best wishes are much appreciated.

Caleb, if you want to know how it started, I suggest you read this.

Kind regards and many years to all of you.:D