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Another wetshaver from Germany

Hi folks,
my name is Matthias and I just wanna say hi to you crazy guys. I come over here from the German FdR wetshaving forum.
I'm lookin forward to interesting discussions and other wet shaving people that share this passion.
I'm a traditional wetshaver for just a little bit more than a year, started with a EJ DE89, but soon I switched over to a Rockwell 6s.
At the moment my favorite razors are my Rex Ambassador and the Rockwell. I like my Astra SP and red personna blades and appreciate especially arko shaving soap.
Welcome Matthias, I think you will find that lots of people like the material you're using.
Thank you guys, hope to see you here often as well as in the FdR Forum...
Just noticed some well-known nicknames in here. I'm looking to seeing this forum being filled with life.