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Anyone help identify this?


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Hi, I have a small, caramel coloured, natural hone that came with two razors belonging to my wife's grandfather. He was a Scot so it could be Scottish but spent time in other parts of the world so maybe not.



The overall dimensions are (approx) 4.5"x3/4"x3/4" or ~110x20x20mm. Any thoughts on its possible origin or identity?


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I have no idea, but by the looks of it, I would not be surprised if this is an early manmade hone.

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If no one has an answer here for you I have a friend that will probably know what kind of stone it is if natural...

He probably has several in a closet some where. :lol:


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First pic is of the slurry, second of the same surface with slurry washed off. The dark mark on the surface isn't actually on the surface and does not lap out.




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Could be. Not enough to glow in the dark, but a fair amount of Scottish rock - around Aberdeen in particular - is naturally radioactive and would require special disposal in designated facilities has it been produced industrially!