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Ardennes Workshop


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Hello there,

I've just realised that my sister-in-law lives in Aldringen, Burg-Reuland; only a bicycle ride away from Petit Sart where the Ardennes quarry and workshops are :w00t: That's got to be an incentive for a visit, right? We were supposed to be going over this summer anyway.

Can anyone tell me if the workshops are open to visitors or does it have to be by arrangement, can one just turn up, choose a coticule and buy it there and then? And what flavour of Belgians work at Ardennes? French, Flemish, German? They speak a kind of German at my sister-in-law's house.




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Yes, you can visit Ardennes during normal office hours. During the weekend, there's no one present, but for groups I think they can make arrangements.
Maurice and Rob speak Flemish, but manage French, English and German. The other employees speak French.
If you plan a visit, it's best to first contact them through their website.

Kind regards,