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Attn Smythe, Crown and Sword


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Heres a few pics of the 7/8 crown and sword I mentioned in my rebuilding a bevel thread, I had a bit of work on the bevel as it had more chips than errrr something with a chip collection (
I test shaved it today after finishing it on unicot and its very nice indeed



Thanks Paul, the scales are period but not off this blade, there off the T Turner from my Rebuilding a bevel
:w00t: This is like, and the scales are a prefect fit tor the 1166. Thanks for saving the etch... they don't etch-em like that anymore.

Slick shavers man... slick shavers.
You are my inspiration Ralphy. I have bought a couple of Sword and Crown Stra8s and I have been procrastinating for a couple on months now. In truth, I am waiting for my Coti to arrive any time now; I bought mine from Timber Frame Tools, I was not aware of Brat's service.

However, after seeing your beautiful work on your S&C, I am now motivated to start the project and when I am done I will post some pictures to get your opinion.

Great work Ralphy, that is a killer razor.:thumbup:

Bless you Al, and thanks, yeah go for it the ERN razors do make IMHO for the bestest ever shaves I love em!