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Bald as an egg


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During yesterdays shaving session I noticed that my hair had grown fairly long..hmmmm
Had plenty of lather... so decided to extend the shave a bit.... after about 15-20 minnutes of delicate work (and quite a lot of blood) all the hair was gone:thumbup:

It was a bit difficult at the neck,holding a razor in one hand and a mirror in the other, but it was great fun. Stropped the Joseph Allen & Sons (near wedge,love it) three times during the session and it just melted the hair away....nice!

Regards gents...and I dont really know why I tell you this ...;)
And I thought you looked like Einstein!:scared:

I have a mate who shaves his head, because he's partially bald. He says it's like combing the hair he used to have.
Hehe..nope I dont look like Einstein,but he`s a bit of a hero to me.

And I`m not going bald (yet)...use to trim it down with an electrical trimming device but this was more fun:rolleyes:

And most of the blood actually came from my left index finger! A rather nasty cut from the razor hitting my finger whilst shaving the neck...

Regards gents
Ouch! I used to always shave my head, but have never tried it with a straight, well done Sir :thumbup:
Yeahhh...quite an experience:)
And will you please stop calling me Sir!
That should be reserved for far better men like Bart,Ray,Gary and that odd dude...whats his name...ohhh yes...Dr. Ralfson
But thanks anyway hehehehe
regards gents
I'm a head shaver since way back, but I use my trusty Gillette NEW long comb
I've tried & succeded with a straight a few times, but it's just to awkward & I really can't see that I should get any better results with a straight, on my face a straight outperforms a DE by far, but on the head it's vice versa.
Neither can I ...but it was more fun;)
But wont do it again,its much too difficult and akward...and too much blood as well.