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Barbers Hones..I have got them Sussed!!!


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Did it! did it! did it!
After months of trying to figure out the best way to use a Barbers hone, I got it worked out :thumbup:
I have tried using them for serious bevel work, e.g. removing frowns, used them as part of a progressive honing sequence, tried them on their own and as finishers after work with both Coti/BBW and man mades, and it is after all that extensive research that I can reveal to you the best ever results using these wonderful old items, after all if all of those barbers in the early to middle 20th century got on well with them there must be a method right? I figured it was my knowledge on that which was lacking, and after countless hours of testing I am happy to share the result.
This morning I used one to sharpen a dull edge, the edge wouldnt cut at all and the TPT was so smooth you could have rode to London and back sat on it. however having just used it after the Barbers Hone session, I have to say it was sharper and smoother than ever before, even sharper than when I got it new.

Sounds wonderful doesn't it :)

The only thing is, the edge was in fact on a small kitchen knife! and the cutting I did was on pieces of Lamb!
yep, 20 1/2 strokes each side with water and a drop of hand soap and the old 4" Victorinox made short work of it all!


Ralfson (Butcher...errr Dr!)
I have 2 of them sitting in my hones drawer, one bought on purpose, one purchased by accident, because there was the remote chance this ignorant Ebay seller was offering an upside down Coticule:) , so I've put in a €10 euro offer and got a great razor and a unknown barber hone.
I haven't managed to find time for trying them yet, but it's good to have alternatives...


Speaking of barber hones... If you weren't so busy I would send you a couple of mine for evaluation… Hone Carousel? B)
hahahahahahaha that was a good one. I thought you had the answer for me and my 15+barber got me ralphy.