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Bartputzer 1930


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a razor with a history. date of making is not fully known to me. I estimate around 1925. Anyway, he was used until 1942. The story behind this is this, my wife at the time was a maternity nurse and during social conversations she told her nose and lips that her husband collected razors. Where the mother of the midwife told that she still had 1 at home .. Was from her father who used to shave in this way. (everyone at that time). When grandfather was called in 42 to serve, the razor stayed at home and was no longer used, the best man had made it corporal and unfortunately did not return home. Grandma, of course, had saved it, we don't throw anything away that is good. Because of this story I know the last use time. (saying nothing but I thought it was great that I got it together with this story.) But good. Bartputzer model1930. full hollow, made from Keen edgl. sheffield silver steel Solingen germany. fine shaving blade like almost all blades from that time. 20190920_170903.jpg 20190920_173124.jpg


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Good story, That razor is never going to be sold. The grind looks like A Rattlergrind. When the more Hollow grinds were preferred by buyers, the manufacturers/sellers grinded their heavier grind old stock length wise. The term rattlers was first used by the Brits if I recall it correctly.