Announcement Big surprise for you today at 8pm!


Dear members,

we are very excited. Since a few weeks we are working on secrets plans "behind the curtain".

Something "big" will happen tonight at SU. And you will be part of it! :dance1

I would not say that we "revolutionize the world", but I have to admit, that we are at least very proud of what will happen tonight. teufel_lachend

We are excited about this, yes we are... :breakdance1

So what will happen tonight? mmmhhhh.... we can not tell you, because then it is not a surprise anymore... :flucht1

So set your alarm clock !!!

********* Today *********


8pm German time,

7pm London time,

2pm New York time,

11am San Francisco time,

It will happen !!! :carrot1

We will have some maintenance work beforehand, so expect a little bit downtime beforehand!

A video will be released at the same time too. So subscribe to our SU YouTube Channel!

Come and join us at 8pm tonight! We will have a Chat open at 8pm, too. Especially for this event!

Did we tell you already that we are excited about this...?

Tell all your friends about ! They will be interested in this too!


Your SU-Team