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A razor I traded away is this remarkable folding razor Bigelow-Parkin. Barely larger than a blade, with two small extrusions to hold it, this thing shaved remarkably well.
There's a
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of course
DSC02480.JPG DSC02481.JPG DSC02483.JPG DSC02484.JPG DSC02486.JPG DSC02487.JPG DSC02488.JPG DSC02489.JPG DSC02490.JPG DSC02492.JPG


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A brilliant little shaver. Unfortunately, mine isn't gold.
Some images on how it works are here:
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The trick is to lock your wrist and use your lower arm as a giant handle.
For shaving under the nose tilt razor slightly between thumb and index finger, then lock wrist again.

There is another patent for a single edge, adjustable version. Unfortunately, it was never made:
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Here is how it works:

View from the top with the little grip handles folded in. Note the star-shaped holes - they give more grip than round ones or handles without holes would.


The handles fold out:


View from the bottom. You open the razor by lifting the base plate where it says Open here:



Then you put a blade in ...


close the base plate and fold out the handles fully. Pick up the razor with thumb and index finger and you're ready to go.

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Very ingenious design, however I can see why they sold more short handle Techs and four piece Merkurs in the old days. ;)