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Blades for slurry stone investigations


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some of you may have followed my thread where I raised questions on the general and specific influence of slurry stones on the coticule honing process. As a relative newbie I'm pleased that Sir Bart gave me credit to do some investigation on that topic. As I write this, a parcel with cotis and several slurry stones is on its way to me.

One point of interest to me is the influence on abrasion speed. As the name implies these investigations will require considerable material removal. Combined with other tests that I have in mind and considering my relative inexperience with coticule honing - thus requiring repetition of tests - I anticipate to chew up some some serious iron.
First I thought about using my Thiers Issard or my Fili for these tests but after 0.5 miliseconds of thinking about it I refrained from this idea :|

So my "problem" is that I do not own any blades that could be sacrificed and wasted for these tests or at least the coarse tests. Therefore, I'm asking for your support for razor-science ( hey Ralfy, I'm on my way to my PhD...).

What I am looking for is a couple of old razors with only very narrow requirements:
- Decent steel quality
- Intact blade geometry
- Blade type that does not require elaborated honing strokes in order to get a sharp edge (remember, I'm still practicing with unicot/dilucot)

So, bassically any standard blade that's beyond restauration but still capable of providing a shave.

I'm willing to pay a fair price and will cover shipping expenses.

Thanks folks
If you want, I can prepare a few Double Arrows. As you probably know, they're a cheap Chinese brand with basic but good steel. They take a fine edge. I can remove the smile, and round their original heel shape a bit more. This would make them as straightforward to hone as an entry level Dovo. I could send 3 pieces. They come from the same production batch, most likely being heat treated together. That way you could compare the shave of different trials, without wondering the difference is in the razors.
If you keep them with the package when you send it on to the next person that wants to fool around with these hones and slurry stones, I can send them for free. If you would like to keep them, the price is the same as in my add in the Marketplace (12 EUR).

Kind regards,

Bart I got those slurries in the mail today. What address do I pay on paypal? What were your findings when trying these on a slower hone? Is the unmarked one with the green and purple coticule a les latnueses?