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A much coveted French razor is the Bohin. Apart from its very nice handle and solid looking head, it is known for its dual sided head: it has a cote de pres lame, and a cote de tres pres lame: close or extra close shave.
Received the acompanying bladepack yesterday, missing is the styptic container, which should be flat-ended.
Has a thinner chromespot smack in the middle of the topcap.
The odd shape of the posts also allow you to shift the blade from side to side and thus also giving you the possibility of different exposures per side.

Also I am not sure how Rockwell managed to patent their reversible base plate system.
Also I am not sure how Rockwell managed to patent their reversible base plate system.

Apparently one can patent anything that has not been patented before. Bohin and many other razors that had reversible base plates (including Ikon with their SBS) never bothered patenting the idea.
You are also able to tell what side of the plate you are using by looking at the tops of the posts.

Bohin Posts (2).jpg

The below picture indicates what I mean by the posts allowing you to change blade exposure by moving the blade from side to side.
Primitive system, but it does work.

Bohin Blade adjust.jpg

I don't tend to use mine too often because of this. If I do I will insert the blade under a magnification the night before and tighten everything up.