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Boxed Thüringen


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Recently acquired Thuri 130 mm long with a slurry stone.
It was labeled at the bottom “Beste wasser abziehsteine” . I was able to remove the label without tearing it so I was able to clean it.
as it was slightly dished it was also made flat.
the bottom has a darker color and the top a lighter gray greenish.

A82CB28B-84A1-4803-B288-18DF4BE3909B.jpeg FCA6C6E4-2ABA-4B15-A271-28C4AD82C806.jpeg FE788235-73F3-44CF-8175-D17F8BBDEDB9.jpeg C725069F-7B60-4A30-8EEC-4D35B25B1F8E.jpeg