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C Myers Rescued From The Grave


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Ok Guys Here's a few pic's of one of my latest, C Myers 6/8 Hollow, I have to say the pic's are not great but you get the idea, the blade was chipped quite badly and I ended up taking over 1 1/2 mm of the edge, gave her a good polish and honed her up, she seems to have taken a wonderful Dilocut edge, I managed to save the original scales and the only non standard part is a new front pin, I know I could have gotten more of the pitting out of the blade but I couldn't bring myself to damage the etch, they don't make them like this old girl any more.
I will test shave Tomorrow (well later today now as its twat o'clock! hahaha) as today I used another resto' that I finished at the same time, I did 3 in all, this one, the John Sellers I shaved with today, (wonderfully smooth and close) and a J Elliot "Silver Ring" that is next in line for test shaving
Thanks for looking



That's a smooth restore, please do tell how she shaves... I have got one exactly like that except it has 2 pin scales and in need of TLC.
I also have a 2 pin, but the blade is cracked :( oh well.

Test Shave was Gleaming, nice and smooth, although I did catch myself rather badly on the left side of my neck, I have an area there which is a little irritated from test shaving, and this time I managed to sink the blade in nicely whilst going at 45 degrees upward against the grain, nice! and boy does the styptic burn on a fresh 2" slice!!! :blink: