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Calling all Coticule Weekenders!


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Just a quick line to say, I am sorry I could not be with you at this time, I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful time, and there are not enough thanks that I could give to Sir Bart for organising this special event.

Pip Pip Old Beans
Ralfson (Dr)
I'm kinda bummed I can't go too. I finally did a quick check on airfare, and I was totally surprised to find that I could have done it for less than $1000 return. God knows I could use a mini vacation too.
I do hope the guys have a good time, and I hope to see a bunch of photos when they get back.

Have fun guys!

huh. I was going to post the search results, but after entering the info again, they came up almost double. (like $2000.00 for the cheapest).
It must have been a fluke, or the time frame... I really don't know. I'll be the first to admit that I have no idea how airfare pricing works.

It was here: