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Charles Hake (Charlex)


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Charles Hake from Remscheid-Haddenbach made this razor for the French and Belgium market.
This one is a model 60 which is a 6/8”

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Just wondering, not every Charles Hake is a Charlex, right?
All I found on the maker that he was a German immigrant living in Belgium who had a shop in Bruxelles from 1906-1949 (
This ‘Le Résistant’ no.76 doesn’t have the Charlex name on it.



Found a litlle bit more info.
Charles Hake had a shop at 45 Rue de la Riviere in Bruxelles.
He was not only a fabricator but also a dealer. He sold/made all sorts of cutlery, knives, tools, safes, nails, pins, household items and so on. Later on even small office and textile supplies.
He used a few brandnames:
Le Diabolo
Le Resistant

There might be more. Not sure if these all were used for razors as well. For the different brands several blacksmith marks were used. The Charlex mark was used from 1908, the one shown on the Charlex razors was used from 1911. The ‘Le Resistant’ was used from 1912.




Also I found an old ebay auction with a no.77 Le Résistant being 22mm wide. The 76 is 20mm.