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Combo La Grosse Blanche?


Well-Known Member
It's a possibility.

Does it darken after prolonged exposure to (sun)light? Does the slurry have a distinct soapy texture?

Kind regards,


Well-Known Member
I haven't exposed it to sunlight, so I cannot answer if it darkens. There were several patches of a darker rust color on the sides of the yellow coticule when I got the stone. Out of curiosity I lightly sanded them to see what would happen - the sanding removed the rusty color. The last shot of the "toe" shows a tiny spot of the rust color where the coticule meets the BBW. And yes, the slurry on this stone does have a more slippery/soapy feel than my La Dressante or Les Lat.

This stone also came with much more rounded (softer) edges and corners then other stones I have purchased, which I find curious :confused: Note: it does have one straight side because I trimmed the width down to 40mm with a hacksaw and haven't had time to round out the cut side to match the rest of the stone.

Thank you for the information, Bart.