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Continued Progress


Well-Known Member
Last night I went back to honing razor #1. Started from scratch, but I did one set of circles while setting the bevel as do to my stroke I was not getting the Toe perfect. This really evened the bevel for me and is was able to continue with Unicot as per instructions.

The result was excellent although the HHT was not working for me. Still need to work on the HHT. The more important test the shave this morning was fantastic. Totally BBS with no irritation with 3 passes.

My question is if it is ok to use circles? I only did that as I was not getting the toe set properly due to me stroke.

Thank you.


Well-Known Member
I do x-strokes circles all the time. I don't do it in the polishing stages, but during the bevel forming stage, I think it provides a very effective method.