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Cool idea for scales on the cheap


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I was honing up my henckels 401 today and thought "man, these plain cream scales just suck" and finished honing the razor. 4 hours later as I got done shaving I walked out of my bedroom and did a double take. I have 6-7 cigar boxes I took from home before I moved to Terre Haute for college. I am going to try and make so scales out of these! Im using a red stained Camacho box, and a hoyo de monterrey dark sumatra box that has a cool shield cut into it. Will post pics and updates after I sleep on it and hammer out the details. Also all I have to work with is a dremel, maybe I can use the machine shop at college.
Yea Im a metal man, I'm a maintenance machinist during the summers and christmas breaks. Ive been machining since I was 13. Now im in college for mechanical engineering as a result of it all. I was thinking about going the tool and die route, but I figured I already had all those qualifications anyway - just not in paper :lol:

Ill get a damn gas mask next time I try this!
You could cut some nice Scales out of wood with a milling machine... or make some nice edges on those scales with a router bit.
I used the only thing I had to cut them out, a 2mm carbide end mill. It chewed through it very fast! So fast I got sick:lol:
Hahaha yeah best thing I found is the cigarette test, if your smoke tastes odd after breathing stuff in, chances are the "stuff" was bad for