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Cool shit in Brussels???


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It's pretty quiet at work at the minute, and my girlfriend is a schoolteacher so she is off for a few weeks now. So I'm gonna take her away for a while to unwind, as the last few weeks of term have been super tense. She has even lost her voice today!
Have car, can travel. Sea France have a boat that will sort out the watery bit, et voila! Brussels here we come!
So do any of you belgians have any ideas of cool shit to do/see in and around Brussels (My knowledge of Brussels is limited to brussels sprouts)?
I have deduced that the Ardennes quarry is less than 2hrs from brussels, so I may manage to persuade her to go there for a day trip. Would I need to sort it out before hand, or do they have a visitor centre type thing?
I will be staying at New Continental Apartments 33 rue Defacqz ,Brussels, Belgium from 23/07/2010 until 28/07/2010 if that makes any difference.
Thanks in advance for the local intel.
I hope she likes it. She is asleep on the sofa atm with no idea of the plans that are afoot.

Edit: I will have the car with me, so I am interested in aything you may think is worth seeing within a few hours of Brussels. Anyhing where we could reasonably be there and back to our accomodation in one day. Anything particularly good may even warrant an overnight stay.
I have been to Brussels and Belgium only a few times, but I experienced some pretty cool shit there:
* Atomium is 100% cool shit
* Town house is cool shit
* frites - Belgian fries - are cool shit (especially with samurai sauce)
* Belgian beers are cool shit
* Antwerpen is a pretty cool town easily reachable by train
* Ghent is cool, too
* Bruges is super cool shit, my favorite place in Belgium
I too have been a few times, and a few years ago I dont mind saying
My coolest memory (what little I have.....sigh) is of racing in a pack on Harleys through some kind of underground road system
Ah the noise, the smell and well the noise really...
I also remember one of the members being stopped at the border, his passport taken, and all the officers and us laughing at his passport picture!

Wonderfilled days, now sadly gone

best regards
Ralfson (Dr)
i' been a couple of times in belgium to ant things you have to try are:
belgum beers(of course)
belgium fries
Schrywoud( a very good belgian band) it just happens they play a gig 23/07/'10 in oostende not far from bruges
Cheers lads. That Atomium place looks cool as f*&k! I gotta check that out. I haven't been able to check anything out on the internet with Angela looking over my shoulder all the time. That's why I asked you lot. She still doesn't have a clue.
Off to Canterbury today. Stay there tonight. Boat tomorrow, and it's Belgium here we come!
She's gonna shit a brick! :O
Well, we got back from Belgium on Wednesday night. I decided to take the rest of the week off work because I was knackered after the drive back on 4hrs sleep and a hangover:-/ . We went to Atomium, and it was indeed super cool.:thumbup: It was a really nice city to see. Very clean. Just a shame everything costs so much:( .
We took a day trip to Bruges, and that was really very nice. Beautiful place.

All in all, we had a great time. Oh, and my accountant called me today to tell me that my tax rebate was here. That was a welcome home present and a half!B)

Belgium = :thumbup:
Euro = :(
Hi Rosco,

Sorry that your visit to Belgium crossed my visits to Berlin and Paris. Because of it, I was unable to give you any special tips or propose to meet up with you for at least a beer in one of Brussels many excellent pubs. (If you know where to go, it's not as expensive as you might think:) )
Maybe next time, ok?

It is good to hear you had a great time.:thumbup:

Kind regards,