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Coti backed coti


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I was just curious about how rare the stones, like no 64 are. I really want a stone like this, but want to learn more about them. Are they a natural combo? Are they more common in a certain layer? Do they show similar cutting ability?
Most important though is if I email Ardennes is the stone so rare that they will laugh me off of this planet? I am sure they are rare enough that they wouldn't have any in stock, but exactly how rare are they?

Man these cotis are addicting and I don't even own one yet.

(I don't actually believe that they would laugh at me)


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i'm sure ardanees have some in stock, he was cutting one up why we were there. they work very well and give typical coticule edge, i love mine. :thumbup:



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I have one of similar size I picked up on the weekend at ardennes and I love it.
by the way thanks gary for pointing it out to me:thumbup:



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They will definitely not laugh, I'm sure they must have gotten a lot of demand lately for this layer. Just ask for a Les Latneuses. I bought a small one 12.5cm x 3cm and it just great to work with !!


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I think I just need to get a coti no matter what type it is, just so I can play with it. I contacted Ardennes about one. we'll see what I come up with.

If my house stops falling apart maybe I could afford what I am looking at. I just had my water filter leak for about 36 hours before I caught it, it ruined my whole mud room. Then this weekend i had to do an emergency reroofing. Oh, the love of owning a home!

I think what I'll do is trade scales and brush handles for a stone. Does anybody believe that this is a viable idea? I did just get a shipment of wood.
hmm...probably too many people out there who do this huh?
I would hate to turn fun time into work time, but then again it is going towards more fun time.

Wow I am babbling, sorry.