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Coticule ID FAQ?


Active Member
Hi Guys,

You seem to be readily able to ID the Ardennes stones from photos. I have done a little searching on the site but can't seem to find a thread where the physical characteristics of each vein get described in some detail. Is there a resource I am missing through weak search-fu or is this something that has not been looked at yet?

I'm thinking something sort of like:

Coticule Type "X"
Stone Type: Natural Combo or Slate Backed
Typical Colouration:
Typical Inclusions:
Key indentifiers:

Or is this something that is not possible to do accurately by this method?

PF :)


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You can start a new thread with pictures of the coticule you have and those members who know will tell you which you have. At times it's hard to tell from pictures at times.


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Thanks Gunner.

I will hopefully get the pics done in the next few hours. I just thought that there might be something on the board I was missing. Seems like it would be a valuable adjunct, with the correct provisos, to the information in the vault.


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Pieface your not blind. Posting it this way will get you more information and a positive ID for sure. Many members will tell you the experiences they have had with the same type you have etc.