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Coticule ID - La Grise?


Active Member
Hello everyone.

Is this combo stone a La Grise? It was purchased 2 years ago from Vintage Blades, LLC.



Active Member
It couldn't also be La Nouvelle Vein, could it? It's hard to tell from the pics, but I don't see any lengthwise blue lines.


New Member
ive got a stone that looks much like that. some pinkishness in some areas, and otherwise looks ALOT like a yellow version of a BBW. the shimmery streaks that are somewhat reminiscent of woodgrain. it has reddish-brownish speckles over most of it, and when honing on just water the surface feels glassy but also feels speckled. has anyone else had a stone that feels speckled to hone on? does it affect performance in anyway?