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coticule nu 21


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i just got my coti 21 today with fitted box and rob gave me coti combo slurry stone plus an extra coti rubbing stone which was very nice of him. Once i've lapped it and removed a couple of chips from very edges i will post how it works compared to my coti nu 3.
just like to say thanxs again for a realy nice hone. as smooth as silk when honing beautiful feed back and absalutly ideal for any razor due to its thinnesss makes rolling x so much easier.
Looks like you struck gold, and now I am jealous...

Until my casket (#19) comes in:sleep:

Congrats man... I liked the surface on that one and the thick Coticule layer.
Thats so very cool Gary mate
looking forward to seeing it in person, as soon as we can sort it :thumbup:
yes ralfy tim mentioned your going to pop down to notts and we can meet up at my shop.We can hone a blade or two and you can use my coticule and try differant sizes out no probs
I've now honed a thew razors on my no 21 coti. First one was my 5/8 dovo tortoise and the results were realy nice the hht of this razor was a good five after stropping and an exallant 3 of my hone. i was tempted to use some cro ox just to see if there would be any differance but the shave was as good as it gets so i did'nt. i find its just cycalogical to use paste as i have it when realy there is'nt any need in most cases. I honed a DA same results great shave differant feel as its differant razor but still nice and smooth and glided round my chin in one swoop thats how i no a razor is sharp if it jams a tiny bit round my chin then thats not sharp enough for me.

next time round i did use my balsa crox hone just 10 laps and there was no diffrance in the next shave infact i preferd the edge of the coticule the coticule edge felt softer for some raeson i also tryed 2 layers of tape and then 6 laps on balsa hone and the edge felt harsh for some reason this was after rehoning on coti

The only differance i have noticed in the edges from my coti nu 3 and 21 is for sure the no 3 cut alot quiker and no 21 seems to shave arm hair of slurry much easier they both finish as equal. there is nice draw with water of 21 it sounds wicked. I now have the perfect combination and will use no 3 then finish with no 21 just so they don't get left out.
Thats Cracking Gary :thumbup: why do you think the edge off the quicker stone is not as arm hair sharp because of the garnets dulling the edge? and does it catch up as you dilute?
When i dull razor in usaul way with glass i do back and forth strokes on fairly good slurry and i find on my no 3 i can just shave arm hair and then after the first dilute set i'm shaving arm hair a piece of cake but with the coti 21 it seems to shave arm so much easier of same slurry why i don't no . This may be a fluke but one thing i no for sure if my slurry is a little to dense i will not shave arm hair no matter how many strokes i do the slurry has to be the right amount as it will restrict my edge from shaving if the slurry is regular there is no problem.

May be the faster cutting with slurry has more efect on the edge which will restrict the level of sharpness untill you start to dilute but once i dilute after any sign of arm cutting there is no problem hitting keeness.

One example i did that many back and foth strokes on one particular acassion i thought surly its got to be sharp enought to shave arm hair.And still i could'nt i diluted my slurry and did 20 normal strokes and i was shaving arm hair with ease. This made me realize you have to get your slurry spot on. If i was removing a tiny chip which i did the other week for achap i used real thick slurry and it removed the chip , once the chip had gone i just diluted gradualy and the razor was perfect. Other than that i would start with a regular slurry on a realy dull razor.
garyhaywood said:
May be the faster cutting with slurry has more efect on the edge which will restrict the level of sharpness untill you start to dilute but once i dilute after any sign of arm cutting there is no problem hitting keeness.
Indeed. That's exactly my experience. Faster hones usually leave the edge less keen than slower ones. I think it's only logical. More abrasion at the bevel sides = more abrasion at the tip as well.

I really loved the draw on that La Grosse Jaune (n°21), Garry. Quite luxurious.

Merry Christmas,