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Coticule/Stropping HHT tests


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I find myself questioning when to perform the HHT during sharpening and what results to expect:

1. Perform HHT after dilutions and shoot for a HHT 2 then 60 linen/ 60 leather stropping and aim for a 3 or 4, THEN do some passes with water?

2. Perform HHT after dilutions and quite a few pure water passes aiming for a HHT >3, then strop for a 3 or 4?

3. Will the water passes while smoothing the edge alter HHT?:confused:

Thanks in advance and I appreciate all the help I have received previously just from following this site.


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I typically aim for a HHT 3 off the stone (after water stages of Unicot or Dilucot). Then, I strop aiming for HHT 4+ (the conventional wisdom is 60/60 linen/leather, but I almost always go 100/100 after honing)

Good luck :sleep:


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jeffm said:
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I normally don't bother trying the HHT after the dilutions, but if you do, you should minimally get HHT-1 (The "violin")
Note that the hair must meet certain conditions, as described in the
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jeffm said:
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After the dilutions, you must do work on water only. There will be a further improvement in keenness. On a Coticule keen=smooth.
After my first finishing attempt, I will typically do a first HHT. It should be HHT-3, measured with a relatively thick hair, at 10mm from the holding point. The better the HHT, the keener the edge and the less resistance you'll get during the shave. However, I am now sometimes able to get HHT-4 off a Coticule, and while these edges shave like a dream, they are a bit more demanding on the skin. HHT-3 off the stone definitely gives me the edges that go easiest on my skin.

jeffm said:
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Passes on water will not only just smooth the edge. They do add sharpness, but you must be at an already high enough level of sharpness to notice the difference.

Kind regards,


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Its all been said, I will add that I only generally perform the HHT only after finishing on water, and aim for a HHT-3

Ralfson (Dr)


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I also add to this post. I test after water only . i aim for a catch and a pop on a thick to medium hair. then i will try a medium hair only, from then on i will try and get the upmost of the stone. then i strop and just shave . I find this never fails.