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Creating a perfect Coticule.


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I was wondering about something because there are so many differences between Coticules. Would it be possible to take a huge load of Coticule dust, distribute the garnets evenly throughout a mold and use a bonding agent to create a new stone and thus create a Coticule with optimal properties?
That sounds like a fantastic idea. But then again, dont you think it will take away from the natural feeling of the coticule, in using something formed hundreds of millions of years ago with all its quirks and imperfections?
Smythe has been playing with that thought. I don't know how it turned out. Maybe he'll chime in on this thread.

Knowing a bit about the complexity of Coticule's natural matrix that binds the spessartine garnets together, I don't think we humans can "perfect" it by bonding them synthetically. For starters, Coticule dust is not pure garnet, but the whole stone, natural binder and all, shattered into small fragments. If you're going to add something to cement them back together, you'll always end up with a stone that has lower relative garnet content.

Turning Coticule dust into a stropping compound, seems more promising to me. I've experimented a bit and got good results, but nothing that surpassed the edge I get off a whetstone.

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