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Reserved - Payment pending Custom Gold Dollar 66

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Blade Whisperer
Scales are made of oiled Baitoa (St. Domingo boxwood), wedge is made of brass, cat's eye rivets also. Razor is straightened, head shaped to square point and comes honed and finished on a green-yellow Escher. Grinding is rather half-hollow. I think it is also suitable for beginners.

I expect EUR 28,- incl. insured shipping within Germany (Abroad Pays the difference) Questions always welcome:

897D0239-31EC-4212-AA44-8DB077CC2DFE.jpeg AABB5E3B-CA10-4DA3-A982-2D3522C54AC9.jpeg 39FD944A-2549-4A60-AFAF-1C3BACB96757.jpeg