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Dear Doctor


Well-Known Member
Dear Dr Ralfson,

This website in particular, and my personal life as well, wouldn't be the same without you.
It is a joy and honor knowing you.

Happy Birthday, my friend.



Well-Known Member
I would just like to add my Birthday wishes for Doctor Ralfson. A man who's integrity knows no bounds, and a gentleman held in the highest esteem by wet shavers 'round the world...

Happy Birthday, Ralfy!


Well-Known Member

Happy birthday and many, many happy returns. You are the kindest steadying hand in the straight razor world. We are most appreciative of your calming and helpful presence and leadership.

As my young niece asks me, so ..., what did you get?

Have a great day and a great years to come.



Well-Known Member
Ralfy, I started this thread and they stole it. It was all my idea. I want all the credit.
They certainly broke the mold after you, my friend. Thanks for helping me get started. Sincerely, Denny


Well-Known Member
Happy Birthday, you old dog!
I hope you splurged and got yourself that nice new Kanayama!


Well-Known Member
Yes, Happy Birthday, Ralfy!

I can't help but mention that this is the doctor I think of when thinking of you...
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Ralfy my wish is, The sum of your anniversary birthday to be composed at least three digits.I hope i can formulate in english that i would really like to wish you.
Best regards