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Dec. 8th - Dec. 14th 2019

The King

Well-Known Member
Pre-Shave: De Tuinen Argan Oil
Shaving Soap: Vreto Cognac & Cigars :weihnachten1
After Shave: Pinaud Whisky Woods

Shaving Brush: Proraso

DE-Razor: Wolfman TI 22 / 0,76
DE- Blade: Treet Platinum 1x

The house is decorated with Christmas decorations and what could be better than to enjoy this conviviality in the evening with a good glass of cognac and cigar.

The Treet blade tried again and the feeling in the Wolfman is now completely different because it was a comfortable shave.


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J&T® Marble Wood APShaveCo SynBad,
Mama Bear Siberian Fir Needle,
Mulcuto Schrägschnitt (plastic),
Kai Stainless Steel 9th x,
Pino Silvestre Aftershave Vapo Natural,
Pino Silvestre Moisturizing & Lenitiv After Shave Balm,
Loris E-108 Hugo.


Brush and soap:
J&T® Marble Wood APShaveCo SynBad and Mama Bear Siberian Fir Needle:
Again an introduction to a new soap, known quality, but unknown fragrance. With the J&T® Marble Wood APShaveCo SynBad this Mama Bear Siberian Fir Needle foamed and that gave the beautiful glycerin foam known from the MB soaps. Some MB soaps, which I know, give a clear fragrance, but this is too soft for the fir from the Gulag to be able to properly come out. If I compare this with the soap from Pino Silvestre, you can use that one better. It has a more robust scent and the foam is not bad either. This is not to say that the MB is not good, but if I have to compare the firs, then I'd rather use yesterday's TDS or the Pino so to speak. Well, that's out again. Now continue. It foams fine and the Synbad puts a nice foam blanket on the skin.
Blade and razor:
The Kai Stainless Steel for the 9th x used.
Kai Stainless Steel was still pretty good on cut, but has still disappeared into the piggy bank. 9x seemed enough. In the Mulcuto Schrägschnitt (plastic) a blade really shows up and I felt that the Kai Stainless Steel started to get a slight pull. Well it always is better than a new Flying Eagle, but that doesn't really take much.
Result: BBS.
Finally: staying in the woods with the Pino Silvestre Aftershave Vapo Naturel and the Pino Silvestre Moisturizing & Lenitiv After Shave Balm. Then there was the Loris E-108 Hugo for a nice smell, if I met a fairy in this fairy tale.;)


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DVH shaving gel
Stirling Varen
Yaqi 26mm Timberwolf
Pereira shavery bowl
Gold Dollar 208 (Tony’s #5)
Osma alum
Stirling Varen asb

Made an effort with preparing with a shaving gel and 2 hot towels before lathering with the Stirling.
Although very nice, I cannot notice a significant difference in the end result.
Still a very nice shave. Love the Varen.


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Today another nice shave. With 1 small luxury minus point. I bought it out of curiosity at Maggard and not through the Dutch forum.( (I will not go into it further on the reason for that.)
The soap..this soap has been co-developed by the King. the soap was intended as forum soap of the Dutch Forum, so far it went well. But with all due respect to the final scent, it is not quite as it was intended ... in my opinion, the maker has given it its own twist.

But good back to the shave.
abr rich Herder.
custum synthetic brush.
no after shave.
Despite the smell of this soap quite a good shave at the end. Im happy.


EA18ED61-18C7-4B36-AB2A-8FE0B106A7DF.jpeg AP Shave Co Synbad 30 mm
St. James of London - Lavender & Geranium
Razorock Gamechanger 0.84
Gillette 7 O’Clock Sharp Edge
Humprey’s Astringent
Myrsol Aqua Balsamica + Emulsion

I have to admit that I am not impressed at all with this for me new blade. The shave was very close, but the blade felt not good on the face.

Testing of the Paradigm will continue end of the week as this days the shaves have to be in a hurry.


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Razor: RAW RS-10 Mild
Blade: Voskhod
Pre-Shave: None
Shaving Bowl: Edwin Jagger
Soap: Beecosmetics Anise & Cedrus
Brush: AP Shave Co Silksmoke Blach Handle
Aftershave:Kruidvat Alum
Aftershave: Cien Aftershave
Aftershave: Cien After Shave Balsem
EDT: No. 1


Well-Known Member
Proraso Pre Shaving Cream,
M Ceramic APShaveCo flat top synthesizer,
Acca Kappa Barbershop Collection Refreshing,
Fasan Slant #42,
Derby Premium 1st x,
Green Freeze Lemon (Osage/Mennen/Cajuputi/Menthol/Lemon),
Seinz. After Shave Balsam,
Loris E-048 Cool Water.


Brush and soap:
M Ceramic APShaveCo flat top synthesized and Acca Kappa Barbershop Collection Refreshing:
Pre shave is something I don't really consider very important. However, for quite some time now there has been such a monster jar of Proraso in my closet. Try it again. There was a nice fresh soap ready for this morning, so the face moisturizes and Cream lubricates it. Also on the scabbard. Then with the M Ceramics APShaveCo flat top synthesized Acca Kappa Barbershop Collection Refreshing on foamed and shaved but. Slight confusion, because the knife I used is not too super, but I shave smoothly this morning because of the Proraso, or because of the sublime foam that I had whipped from the Acca Kappa, or still the blade?
Blade and razor:
The Derby Premium for the 1st x used. A Derby Premium was allowed to appear this morning and that slipped flashy over the skin through the hairs. Fine. The combination Fasan Slant #42 and Derby Premium is not immediately the friendliest, but this morning so really no-nonsense easy to use. Was a portion slippery, but was that the knife, or does the Proraso do something? When I think about it, tomorrow I'll have a cheek with and a cheek without PS. To be continued. Result BBS.
Finally: The finish also nice and fresh and well hydrated maintained with Green Freeze Lemon (Osage/Mennen/Cajuputi/Menthol/Lemon), Seinz. After Shave Balsam and Loris E-048 Cool Water. Nice result.


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Balea rasieröl
Yaqi synthetic brush
Lea shaving stick
Razorock gamechanger .84P
Rapira pl (4x)
Vdh alum
Thayer's witch hazel
Reuzel as, vdh balsem

After boasting last week that the razorock gamechanger was such a safe safety razor. It nicked me today. Wel the good part of these blades it that they are so sharp the wounds heal quickly.

jaap ouderwets scheren

Well-Known Member
Nice smooth 3 passes shave .
Ben Hur Bakelite DE with a metal top . Old , but don,t know how old .:weihnachtsmann_walk
Gillette 7 o clock blade ( 1 ) . Not so bad ! :talker:talker
Yaqi Synthetic brush , and i like this one . goodjob!
Mondial Bergamotto Neroli Soap , and this is a winner . :disco1:disco1
Abzehk Citron EDC , verry nice . :hey1