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December 27th - January 2nd

Jan Zoethout

Well-Known Member
SOTD 20201227.

Myrsol "Antesol".
J&T® bamboo / Tuxedo.
Biolijf "Autumn" shaving soap.
RazoRock Game Changer GC-OC84 / Stork Ti "Paladin" handle.
Personna Lab Blue (4).
Clubman Pinaud "Clubman" ASL.


Well-Known Member
Prep Skin Protective Cream,
Yaqi R1605-S Tuxedo,
Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic,
Rockwell Razors 6s,
Wizamet Super Iridium 5e x,
Alcolado Glacial,
Prep Skin Protective Cream,
Pitralon Polar.


Brush and soap:
Yaqi R1605-S Tuxedo and Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic:
While the storm rages around the house here in the barren countryside, the night's rest after the previous evening was so deep and heartwarming that a solid cooling was in place this morning. Ergo get to work with Prep Skin Protective Cream, the Yaqi R1605-S Tuxedo and Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic. That's a refreshing wake-up call.
Blade and razor:
The Wizamet Super Iridium for the 5th x used. The Wizamet easily did my norm, turn 5. In the Rockwell Razors 6s with plate 4 the Wizamet Super Iridium is a tame sheep. This combi is foolproof, so there is no chance of damage. Result BBS.
Finally: further cooling with Alcolado Glacial, smoothing with Prep Skin Protective Cream, which also has a nice bit of menthol, and finally Pitralon Polar.
Can be colder, but this was sufficient.


Well-Known Member
3rd Christmas Day. that is always a day of recovery over here. ;)
The stuff from the winter BBQ has been cleaned up. time for a shave. And to end the day, sitting by the fireplace with a delicious glass of whiskey. Have a nice day.

Noveltey Cutlery & Co.
Stirling Coconut Lime.
Silvertip brush.
Eauk Pomander sample. (Very pleasant scent)
result very smooth.


Well-Known Member
AP Shave Co Cashmere 30mm
Barrister & Mann - Paganini’s Violin
Timeless Solid Bar 95mm
Sputnik (2)
Barrister & Mann - Unscented ASB

This soap has scent notes of fruits, tea and freshly showered skin. Very Special and for me one of the best scents of this year.



Well-Known Member
Semogue SOC Badger Cherrywood,
The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp,
Phoenix Alpha Ecliptic Slant Ox Blod,
Wizamet Super Iridium 6e x,
Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Tütün,
Weleda Aftershave Balsam,
Pinaud-Clubman After shave lotion Original.


Brush and soap:
Semogue SOC Badger Cherrywood and The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp:
Semogue SOC Badger Cherrywood + The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp = foam as foam must be.
Blade and razor:
The Wizamet Super Iridium for the 6th x used.
Wizamet Super Iridium, also the 6th x is fine. Nice cut etc. The combination Phoenix Alpha Ecliptic Slant Ox Blod with Wizamet Super Iridium is beautifully light, sufficiently effective and basic in feel. Nice shave.
Result: BBS.
Finally: if something is not really fitting, the following is often very fitting. Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Tutun (a soft sweet tobacco scent), Weleda Aftershave Balsam (rosemary, chamomile, myrrh and ethereal citrus oil) and Pinaud-Clubman After shave lotion Original (mix of lavender, jasmine, orange and bergamot). Then you have almost everything you need.

Jan Zoethout

Well-Known Member
SOTD 20201228.

Noxzema "Classic" pre-shave cream (pre-).
J&T® katalox / OUMO Brush imitation silvertip synth.
TDS "Cream: rose note" shaving soap.
Vintage 7 O'Clock NEW / Stork Ti "Falcon" handle.
Personna Lab Blue (5).
Noxzema "Classic" pre-shave cream (after-).
Loris "Rose Oryantal" PE (Perfume Extract).


Well-Known Member
Hans Sandkaulen. 5/8
boar brush.
Dutchi Bergamotte.
Eauk Chivalrous Bastard. sample. nr 2 from the sample pack of 4 that I bought a while ago. A lovely spicy / floral scent that lasts for a long time.
Result. DFS of head and face.


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Just now:
Yaqi Heavy Metal Handle Timber Wolf,
Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic,
RazoRock Game Changer .84P on Stork Consul handle,
Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus (2),
Coconut oil.


My mother fell in the morning, so being the closest by son, they called me.
So instead of shaving, I was drinking coffee with my mum in the early morning :)
Thankfully she wasn't harmed at all!


Well-Known Member
M-keramiek scuttle
Zenith boar
Cella shaving soap
Matador + astra ss #2
Proraso alum
Humphrey's cucumber mellon witch hazel
Pitralon pure, De vergulde hand balsem

The second shave with the matador (still have to post pictures) was ok. The first one not so. Maybe it was the blade.

The King

Well-Known Member
Pre-Shave: Castle Forbes

Shaving Soap/cream: Kepkinh Magnolia
Shaving Brush: OUMO Terracotta Warriors 26 mm. SHD HMW gel silvertip badger

DE-Razor: iKon 102 Slant
DE-Blade: Feather 3x

Aftershave: Esprit de Valdemar
Eau de Toilette: L.T. Piver Ala Reine Des Fleurs