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differant aproach


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i tryed a differant aproach today on my dovo . i dulled as usaul.I built a good slurry on my fastest coticule. i did normal x strokes untill the bevel was gripping my thumb. This to may be 60 laps . I then diluted to a real milky slurry and i mean like milk. i hone with normal x stroke, untill the edge was real sticky and i mean as sticky as posibleand easily shaving arm hair. i then switched to water and honed away with about 100 laps untill the edge was as sticky as could be . the hht actauly passed real well. i stropped and hht was good but not to my normal standard but still good . i've not shaved yet with razor but i expect it to shave fairly good.

any of you guys tryed somthing similar? this is how i did it years ago but i went from heavy slurry to water and the shaves were always lacking sharpness and shaved with some resistants.

now with more no how i reckon i could get good shaves with this method. due to under standing slurry and its efect.


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I have thought on a couple of occasions that maybe I could do without the dilution stage. The last time was when I found about the usefulness of doing halfstrokes all the way up till finishing. Since halfstrokes are much faster, I thought that halfstrokes on water could perhaps replace the entire dilution phase. On some Coticule (Les Latneuses come to mind) it worked, but took actually considerable longer. On other Coticules, It just didn't work. I too tried a step in between. On very thin slurry. I never make slurry denser than the consistency of milk. For the in-between step, I opted for about 3/4 diluted slurry. It didn't work well. In the end I decided that it doesn't take me long to dilute anyway, and I gave up on it.
But I totally support all experimentation and hope the edge will turn out as good as it gets. :thumbup:

By the way, I do use thick grainy slurry on a BBW sometimes... surprisingly different from Coticule slurry.

Kind regards,


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i did actauly give a quik test shave on bearly a days growth, just to get a feel of the edge. I could tell the magic smoothnes was not quite there . so lacking somthing . but shavable. i thought exactly the same . it does'nt in reality take much longer with the new method back and forth stroke all the way, and i no it works consistantly.